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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Forgive and Bless the Past

Photograph: "A Preview of Tomorrow's Beauty" by K. Grodecki

Every experience in our lives provides us with opportunities to grow as we learn. It’s a great statement, isn’t it? The part that is less easy to accept is that we learn our most valuable lessons from times of hardship and pain, when we were presented with a challenge and may have reacted to the challenge in a way that we later regret and continue to analyze and over-analyze in our minds for days, weeks, or even months. We may feel guilty that we may have hurt someone or someone may have done something to upset us, and by worrying about it and replaying the situation over and over again in our minds, we attempt to find an explanation to the situation. However, despite illusions of the contrary, the worry does not provide us with any solutions.

We may be upset with someone who has done something to hurt us. We may be disappointed with ourselves for having somehow hurt ourselves or someone else. We may even be upset with the Universe for having presented us with a challenging situation at a time when we already felt that we had enough to deal with. However, worrying about this only over-dramatizes the situation, forcing us to focus on the drama, rather than attempting to find a true solution and resolution. The solution, instead, allows us to create a mental record of lessons learned from the experience in order to move into the future. After all, we are not able to return to the past and correct our mistakes, but we can carry the lessons with us as we move ahead.

Forgive your past, the situations, the people, yourself. Do not hold any grudges against yourself or anyone else. Truly forgive and bless the past, knowing that it is safe. What we have is this very moment, and it seems wasteful to spend it worrying about something that has already happened. Right now, inhale deeply and, when exhaling, release any anger, pain, and disappointment about the past. Clear your mind of any worry you may feel. You may need to do this through a few breaths.

Next, inhale deeply once more, and visualize yourself, other people, and the situation from the past surrounded by brightly glowing, golden-white light. Allow yourself to feel that you and everyone else is perfect as we are right now, at this very moment, and that we need not judge ourselves and each other, as mistakes and challenges are inevitable in life and create who we will become tomorrow.

Please remember that, above all else, we need to treat ourselves and each other gently, with love. This starts with releasing any worries we may carry about what has occurred in the past. Remember that right now, at this very moment, we are perfect, regardless of what we consider positive and not-so-positive about ourselves and our personalities. We are also very safe and loved. Above all, love yourself. All else will follow. Learn from your past and forgive it, knowing that your future is safe.

Affirmation: I now release any pain, anger, sadness, and worry that I may feel toward other people, situations, and myself. I accept myself as I have been in the past, and as I am today. I love myself the way I am right now. I have learned valuable lessons from the past, and I carry these lessons with me today, knowing that they provide me with excellent resources for tomorrow. Tomorrow, like yesterday and today, is always surrounded with Love and provides me with endless opportunities to utilize the lessons that I have learned, as they are my gifts. I hold and cherish these gifts at this very moment.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Moon - A Time for Creative Manifesting

Photograph: "A Quiet Moment" by P. Grodecki
(NOTE: The Rabbit is also a symbol of of fertility and creative ideas)

Firstly, I would like to apologize for my prolonged absence. I also, however, have some very good news: Nature’s Secret Whispers will now be published once a week, rather than on a bi-weekly basis.

Today’s Full Moon marks a wonderful time to re-evaluate our place in this world, our accomplishments, relationships, work, and all other areas of our lives, and determine what does and does not serve its purpose. This is also a good time to create a list of what we wish to change in our lives, based on our evaluation, and make plans to create those changes. Since we are creative beings and the Universe follows our thought, it is important to monitor our thoughts and strive to focus on the positive while raising our vibration. The Full Moon is a good time to apply our creativity toward manifesting our desires.

It often helps to mentally, or by journaling, draft a review of our lives, noticing patterns in our behaviour, thoughts, and actions. We can then ask ourselves about the meaning of those patterns. The answer about this meaning should lead to the next question: “What do I wish to change in my life?” Once again, create either a mental or written list of the changes – however small or major – you wish to feel and see in your life.

Next, sit comfortably, take a few deep breaths, and visualize your life filled with all that you wish for, based on your personal list. If you ask for better health, see and feel yourself healed and full of strength. If you ask for financial success, see yourself attracting money. It is important to not worry about how we will obtain the financial success or how we may improve our health. Imagine that you already have those wonderful resources in your life now, and feel the gratitude that stems from perfect health or great success. Please remember that we are able to create our future. We can start to exercise this creativity right now. This meditation, in many ways, works similarly to a prayer. When we pray, we ask the Universe to grant our wishes to us. Likewise, creative meditation allows us to cast our wishes. After having completed this meditation, it is important to watch for signs – however obvious or minor – of opportunities through which we may achieve our dreams when the time is right.

Have faith that the Universe will respond to your wishes, possibly through signs and opportunities, which often arrive in various forms and in the most unexpected times. Witnessing this magical process in our lives grants us with hope and allows us to feel connected to All There Is, reminding us that our lives are filled with magic. All we need to do is open our minds and all our senses and allow ourselves to be bathed with the beautiful light of the Full Moon that reminds us of the beauty of this world. This light is constantly with us. Similarly, we can always create beauty in our own lives by applying creative thinking, for our benefit and the benefit of others.

Affirmation: “I make time, during this Full Moon, to review my life and create positive changes. I am aware of the power of my thoughts and know that I am able to manifest all that I desire in my life. I have unwavering faith and know that my prayers are answered, in Divine Time.”