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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Absence Alert

Nature's Secret Whispers will return with a new post in the next few days... Please stay tuned.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Paying It Forward with Kindness

Photograph: "Celebrating Abundance" by P. Grodecki

This is a very exciting time of the year, as we are approaching the longest day of the year, which marks the Midsummer celebrations. At this time, the sun will reach its maximum elevation. Essentially, this is the perfect time to celebrate the earth and its gifts to us. The planting has been completed and we now look forward to enjoying the ripe crops at the end of the summer while inviting the sun to shine brightly throughout the season; at the same time, we also encourage the rains to come in and offer their assistance for the crops.

Unfortunately, these celebrations and rituals, which once were common among people of many nations and traditions, are largely forgotten today. In the developed world, it is easy to take for granted that the shelves in our grocery stores are well stocked with fresh produce, all-year-round. The Summer Solstice, therefore, is a great time to meditate on abundance and acknowledge the gifts that we receive from the Universe each day and that we receive the gifts that we are meant to receive, in Divine time. Of course, with this acknowledgment also comes the responsibility to assist others and contribute to their enjoyment of abundance in their own lives.

For me, one of the best ways to acknowledge abundance and pay it forward is by performing acts of kindness for others. When we make a kind gesture for someone, we help to raise our vibration and the vibration of the receiver of our gift, through Love and kindness. I find the act of gifting beautiful, because it originates in a pure, selfless place of perfect Love. This is a place into which we all can tune, and when we tune into this vibration, we allow ourselves to move with the Universal flow. By paying it forward, we acknowledge the blessings that are bestowed upon us every day and share our gifts with others while holding the intention of inspiring Love and kindness in the world. I like to think of this concept through the image of sprinkling blessings on all people. By sending pure Love and blessings to others, we inspire them and, in turn, also inspire ourselves.

Please join me on Saturday, June 21st in sharing our gifts with others through various acts of kindness. Please use your natural creativity and intuition in choosing how you wish to celebrate this event and deciding which gifts you wish to give to your loved ones and your community. Let your imagination guide you! Of course, you may share your ideas with others. Please remember to hold the intention of Love in your heart and remember to bless all people to whom you give the gifts. Enjoy it!

The following a few simple ideas for acts of kindness that we
can perform:

  • Send flowers or a fruit basket to a friend or family member
  • Write and send a letter to a loved one
  • Write inspirational quotes on beautiful cards and distribute them as you feel guided; you may even wish to leave one of the cards along with a tip, after enjoying lunch at a restaurant
  • Pay for someone's coffee while waiting in line at a cafe or a drive-through
  • Arrive at work early and leave chocolates on the desks of all your co-workers

You get the idea. I am certain that you have many other creative ideas of your own, relating to acts of kindness. Please feel free to share them with me and the other readers by leaving a comment underneath this post.

I would love to hear about your experiences relating to this event. Please also feel free to share your stories with me by e-mailing them to

Love, Light, and many blessings! Namaste!

Affirmation: I perform acts of kindness with the intention of sharing the gift of perfect Love. I sprinkle blessings of Love and kindness everywhere I go and with every action I perform.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Honouring our Achievements

Photograph: "Gardening Progress" (or "Progressive Gardening") by K. Grodecki

Last week, I officially graduated with a Master of Education degree. Following the convocation ceremony, while driving home with my husband, I thought back to the month of February, when the idea crossed my mind of not attending the ceremony and graduating in absentia. What finally made me decide to attend the event was the realization that I would be honouring myself for even more than all the work I had put into my graduate studies over the past two years. I am not the same person I was two years ago. Not only have I grown and continue to grow intellectually, but my entire outlook on life has changed. The goals that I was working toward and working through in my mind, as I sat in the first class of my first graduate course, are no longer my goals. I attribute my familiarity with myself and who I am, as a person, largely to my decision to continue my education and, incidentally, learn more about my comfort zone, review my goals, and explore my potential to grow holistically. I realized, therefore, that by attending my convocation ceremony, I would be celebrating not only my graduation, but also who I am today, in body, mind, and spirit. I would be fully embracing the person I have become and stepping through a new doorway into a world much like the one I have been living in, but a world that I see the way I am meant to see it at this time. To me, that seemed a great reason for celebration.

As I continued to review my life, my thoughts led me down a narrow street of events and attributes that I have, in the past, taken for granted. I wondered about why events such as learning to garden and discovering that one has a green thumb, learning to cook a delicious dinner, or teaching a child to read, are often classified in our minds in small houses along that narrow suburban street, while university graduations and accomplishments such as receiving a great job offer take up such a large amount of space inside enormous buildings on a major avenue in the downtown area of our minds. In our society, when we introduce ourselves, we often start to speak about what we do for a living. However, what we do for a living often does not define who we truly are, as human beings.

I would not underestimate the value of education (to the contrary!) or a successful career; however, I consider it unfortunate that in our busy world, we rarely acknowledge and celebrate ‘other’ accomplishments. Nevertheless, those ‘other’ accomplishments often help us in many aspects of our lives. My skills with crafts and my love of singing and dance allow me to express my creativity in many ways and these are gifts for which I am eternally grateful to the Universe for bestowing upon me. I celebrate these gifts every day. Just as parents may feel overwhelmed with joy at hearing their child’s first words or upon witnessing their child’s first steps, so, too, can we celebrate each accomplishment in our own lives, regardless of how impressive it may seem to others. It is important to not measure our accomplishments by their size; instead, the intention and the impact are what truly matters.

I would like to propose the following assignment for this week:

In your journal, make a list of all your accomplishments – no matter how grand or minor they may seem to you. In addition to the ideas I have proposed above, you may write about helping to nurse an ill family member back to good health, helping an elderly person cross the street, volunteering at a hospital, assisting with a fundraiser, learning to knit, learning to ride a bicycle, preparing a great meal with your family, etc. You get the idea. If you wish, you may set a timeline for yourself and start by listing your accomplishments from the past five years.

Next, review the list that you have created and truly honour the fact that each of us accomplishes something important – for other people as well as for ourselves – on a regular basis. Please remember that you may add to and expand this list in the future. This is also a great inspirational tool, as we can review the list to remind ourselves of our enormous potential to continue to create wonderful achievements to celebrate every day and thus continue to enrich our lives and the lives of others.

Enjoy the process of creating something now that you will acknowledge and honour later, and remember: every day is worthy of a celebration. What matters is that we can make an occasion of every day of our lives, which is a beautiful idea.

Affirmation: I celebrate every day of my life and honour all my achievements. Everything I do is accomplished with the best intentions and continues to inspire me and everyone around me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Art of Journaling

Photograph: "Inspired in the Moment" by P. Grodecki

I have mentioned journaling in previous posts; however, I would like to dedicate this post entirely to the art of journaling. I consider this process to be an art, as the act of writing in a journal allows us to release our most intimate thoughts and emotions on paper in myriad creative ways. A journal is a type of personal scrapbook that we make for ourselves, as a way of commemorating special moments and experiences, recording ideas and thoughts, and even communicating with the Universe. Most importantly, it is a personal keepsake that we each can design however we wish. The journal is an effective method of recording and reviewing experiences along our individual paths. Hence, it may be viewed as another tool that assists us in our journey of spiritual enlightenment.

I have heard from several individuals that they find the idea of writing in a journal intimidating, or that they simply run out of ideas when they make time to journal. It is important to let go of any fears associated with writing in a journal, as well as of any preconceived ideas of how a journal ought to look. You may also ask the Universe for help in releasing the fears. The journal need not even be in the form of a book! If you wish, you may write on large board or other material. The process itself should be pleasant, one that we look forward to. The following are a few ideas for the art of journaling. Please feel free to utilize these ideas for your personal journal, or create something entirely new. After all, each of us is an artist with wonderful ideas.

Choose a book (or other material), and pens that you enjoy. See the stationery as your canvas on which you write your story. As you create your story, you may decorate the canvas as you wish. The possibilities are endless. Choose pens, pencils, and markers in inspiring colours.

Set aside time to write. Whether you have an hour every day or every other day, or even just twenty minutes in the mornings, make time to write in your journal. This should be an enjoyable activity that is worthy of your time.

Let your thoughts flow! One good way to start a journal is to not hold a predetermined idea about the form that the journal will take. Simply write as your thoughts flow. The writing does not have to be logical or make any sense to anyone else but you.

Set an intention. If you prefer to be more organized in your journaling, you may wish to set an intention for your journal. You may wish to write a journal in which you record events from your past and then analyze them in relation to your life today. You may also choose to write about what you wish to see in your life in the near future. By writing in such a way, we allow ourselves to engage directly with the Law of Attraction and manifest what we wish to see or have. In my post, titled “Conscious Daydreaming,” published on February 2nd, I wrote about creative meditation and shared a useful technique for such manifesting. Another technique for creative meditation is by journaling about our future while holding a clear intention to attract that about which we write and feeling a sense of gratitude and reverence toward the Universe.

A technique that I like to practise in conjunction with traditional mindfulness meditation is to focus on the present moment while recording the experience. This includes how we feel at this time, the sights, the sounds, the scent of the air, how the clothing we wear feels next to our skin, and anything else that may come to mind. This is a useful meditation technique for individuals who do not engage in traditional meditation, or for those who wish to explore a new meditation technique. Focus on the present moment and write about it.

Talk to the Universe. The journal is a wonderful way of communicating with the Universe. Not only can we engage in creative meditation and mindfulness meditation with the help of a journal, we can also use our canvas to record prayers or write letters to the Universe about how we feel. It is a wonderful outlet to express any concerns by writing about something that troubles us, asking the Creator to allay negative feelings and help us to find the right path at this time.

Explore. It is important to remember that a journal need not consist only of writing. In fact, you may wish to create a journal in which every page is covered in photographs or images cut out from a magazine. Look for beautiful images to help express your feelings and emotions. Inspiring images will keep drawing you back to your journal and before writing another entry, you can enjoy looking at your own creation.

Of course, your journal may also be a mix of these techniques and the entries may vary from day to day. Most importantly, write about what you wish to write about and in a style that suits you at this very moment. Please do not be concerned about proper grammar or neat writing. Remember that this is your expression of your creativity and your most intimate thoughts and emotions. Your journal could not be any more perfect than the way it is. As creative beings, we are able to create effortlessly if we move with the flow. The journal is a wonderful work in progress that continues for as long as we wish for it to continue. Please remember that you are an artist and creator of your own life and your journal is a canvas with limitless potential. Enjoy your creations!

Affirmation: “My creativity knows no limits and seeks to express itself in many beautiful ways. As I write in my journal, my thoughts flow freely as I create a cherished work of art.”