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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Revisiting the Past

The Nature's Secret Whispers newsletter will return with a new, inspired and – hopefully – inspiring post on or around September 28th. Until then, please feel free to read other posts in the archives.
Photograph: "Remembering..." by P. Grodecki

Welcome to September! For me, the beginning of September has always felt like a beginning to a new year, with children in many parts of the world returning to school, and I remember excitedly and enthusiastically looking forward to going back to the classroom. Somehow, this time has always retained that particular quality, in my life. Having only recently completed my last term as a grad student, I will not be returning to school in September. However, the same childish excitement lingers on, filling me with renewed fervor, a hope for something new. As a child, I remember feeling as though time dragged on for ever and that I would never get older, and yet, at times, I very much wished that I could speed up the days and move faster into the future. A few years later, I discovered the beauty of the present moment, and haven't wanted to move since.

For a reason I cannot explain, September often brings back memories of my childhood. Perhaps it's the rainy autumn weather that always gets me feeling nostalgic and brings back flashes of the past. I am not certain about these reasons; nevertheless, after travelling back to the past and reviewing my life eighteen to twenty years ago, and comparing it to the place in which I am today, I recharge my inspiration as I realize that the lessons I learned long ago have helped to create the person I am today. And for that, I am grateful.

How often do you review the past as it applies to your life? This week, I invite you to join me in comfortably reminiscing about the past and reviewing how far we have come. You may wish to think about the past two years, seven years, or twenty years, depending on your comfort level and the places and times to which you wish to venture. Some memories may be incredibly pleasant, while others may be slightly more challenging to revisit. However, please remember that you are in control of where you wish to go and that you are always welcome to return back to the grace of the present moment. Please follow your intuition with the depth to which you wish to travel and the neighbourhoods you would like to visit. Enjoy this activity and revel in the beauty of time and its changing, evolving nature on this physical plane. Although it may seem, especially when we experience sadness in our lives, that time appears to have come to a standstill and that nothing could ever change, this exercise may remind us that nothing could be farther from the truth. Following this experience, please take the time to return to the present moment and feel its safety. You may wish to journal about your impressions from this exercise, and you are welcome to return to this exercise if and when you wish.

And of course, although we cannot change the past, we can create the future in which we want to live tomorrow, a month from now, and many years from now. Rejoice in the present moment while envisioning that best outcome for any situation in which you may find yourself today. The experiences of the past make us stronger, more positive and more empowered co-creators of our future.

Affirmation: My past, present, and future are always safe. My life is a beautiful experience, in all directions of time.

Wishing you a wonderful first week of September! Here is to another beautiful season!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Harvesting Our Memories

Photograph: 'A Nighttime Visitor' by P. Grodecki

As the last days of this year's summer in Canada are approaching, I can feel the change in the air. People are slowly migrating away from the beach and into department stores, to shop for back-to-school items. The contradiction is incredible, as we all wish to be prepared for the first days of September and the new, more structured schedule, and yet, we strive to hang on tightly to the summer memories, unwilling to let them go. A similar pattern is happening in my garden, as a few tomatoes have already ripened and have been picked for delicious salads and snacks, while others are still clinging tightly to the vine, adorned in a protective shade of green.

I often feel that we rush from one season into another without stopping to truly cherish the passing season and saying a proper goodbye to the days that have passed. We wish to be prepared for the future, for the days to come, but in our preparations, we forget to stop to enjoy the present moment while harvesting our memories. While it is very important to prepare for the days ahead, let us remember that this moment is more precious than any other time, because it is all that we have right now. So, let us cherish this moment and create memories for the future while at the same time, reflecting on the days that have passed and making note of our best experiences from the past few months.

For this week's exercise, you may write in a journal your answers to the following questions, or discuss the answers with your family members or friends with whom you have spent a significant amount of time this season. What were a few of the highlights of the season? Did you go away to an interesting place? Perhaps you enjoyed simply spending time on the patio with your friends, or, if you live in Australia, you may have enjoyed a ski getaway with your family. What were your favourite memories, from the past two or three months, which you wish to cherish?

It might also be a good idea to review the season's photographs while answering these questions, and enjoy a few laughs in the process. You may even wish to create a scrapbook to commemorate the highlights of your experiences.

Harvest your most precious moments and write down your memories so you may review them in a few months, when you search for something to put a smile on your face. And please remember that this moment is precious and that we create our own memories. So, make the best memories you can and enjoy every single day. Let it be the best day of your life.

Enjoy the harvest season!

Affirmation: I can harvest my memories at any time and store them on shelves in the kitchen on my life in order to enjoy them when I long to cherish their sweetness.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Implementing the Law of Attraction in Our Lives

Photograph: "Spread Your Wings and Soar Higher" by P. Grodecki

In the past couple of years, the Law of Attraction has become a popular buzz topic. People speak of The Secret and many have even started to refer to the Law of Attraction as 'The Secret.' However, along with the groups of people who rave about the Law of Attraction and how, by practising positive thinking, they were able to improve their lives, other groups criticize it, saying that "The Secret doesn't work." I believe that many people have a flawed understanding of the Law of Attraction and all that it entails. Many seem to think that, by holding a specific wish and thinking that it will come true, one day, they will wake up and that for which they wish will materialize in front of them. It's no wonder so many people are disappointed with this idea of the Law of Attraction and decide it might be easier to revert to negative thought or a passive attitude. The Law of Attraction is an incredibly powerful force. The following is my take of the meaning of the Law of Attraction and how we can implement it in our lives.

Most of us don't have the kind of luck that allows us to make a wish, close our eyes, snap our fingers, and when we open our eyes, see that our lives have changed and that we have all for which we wished. Instead, it is important for us to guide every single thought that we have in the direction in which we wish for it to be projected. If we constantly worry about not having enough of something, we focus our thoughts on the lack of something, rather than on how much of that something we already have in our lives. When we worry about not having enough, we live in a vibration of fear, and as many of us have already discovered, nothing good can ever be born out of fear. Instead, when we allow ourselves to let go of all traces of fear-based thoughts and concentrate our entire existence on abundance, we attract even more abundance.

The following is the formula that I utilize in my work with the Law of Attraction. Over time, this will become natural and it will not be necessary to remind yourself of the steps or to ‘think only about what you want.’

1) By focusing on how much of something we already have, and by being truly happy with the present moment and living in its grace, knowing that all is as it is meant to be, we direct our thoughts in a direction that allows us to attract more of what we already feel we have in our lives. Think about people who say that they never win anything or who consider themselves unlucky. It really does seem that bad luck follows them everywhere they go, and when someone is afraid of having bad luck and is waiting for disaster to strike at any minute, is it really a surprise that they attract precisely that which they fear?

By focusing only of the good things we already are blessed to have in our lives and truly feeling the blessings that have been bestowed upon us, it becomes natural for us to find joy in the smallest things in our lives, to follow our passions and wish with pure, good intentions for the highest good of all involved. That is when the Law of Attraction naturally begins to work for us and by living in a happy vibration of abundance, we only attract to us what is welcome in this vibration.

2) By visualizing ourselves already having all for which we wish and being grateful for our blessings, we allow the outcome to manifest. When we feel convinced that our dreams will come true and when we do not allow any lower frequencies to distort our focused thinking, we allow our dreams to come alive. So, remember: no ifs or buts! Truly feel yourself already having what you want to have.

3) Take action and facilitate the Universe in bringing to us what we wish to have in our lives. Think about how much help we can provide the Universe when we get up and start to make things happen, instead of simply sitting there and waiting for good luck to visit us. Remember that it is not enough to simply think and wish. Actions are also very important. When we take steps toward making our wishes come true, we become active participants and co-create with the Universe.

4) It is important to be aware of every single incident in our lives and what brought it to be. Remember that no event in our lives is ever separated from another event. One moment flows into the next and all our thoughts and actions inform one another. Hence, it is important to be consistent in our practice and regard it as a meditative exercise to which it is important to commit. With consistent practice and keen observation of all the details in our lives, we can become increasingly mindful of the work of the Law of Attraction in our lives. As with all other lessons in our lives, we can learn from our experiences and become better at working with this gift that is available to us at all times.

5) Keeping an open-mind is a must! It is important to remember that the Universe works in unpredictable ways and that although we are active co-creators of our lives, it is also necessary for us to sit back and observe the Divine works of the Universe. We need to continue to wish for the best while giving ourselves the opportunity to move with the flow and trust that all is working out in our favour, for the highest good of all involved. Remember that the outcome may not always manifest the way we may expect for it to manifest. However, when we loosen the reigns and allow the Universe to have control of the ultimate outcome of the situation, all the while thinking only about that which we want to see happen and living every moment in the abundance of the outcome, then all will work out for the best.

This week, I invite you to try to utilize the above formula in your life. However, I must also warn you that one week is often not enough to drastically change our thought patterns and outlook on life. However, each day brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal. Like many other transformational projects, this takes great commitment, consistent practice, will power, and faith.

As you observe the benefits of the Law of Attraction in your life, it is very helpful to record your progress in a journal. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

Affirmation: I work with the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attraction works for me.

Until next time, have a beautiful week!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Looking Back as Inspiration for Planning Ahead

Photograph: 'In Progress', by P. Grodecki

To me, it seems as though January was just two months ago and that only recently I was making a list of New Year's resolutions for 2008. The other day, I suddenly realized that it's already August. At the beginning of August, I also celebrate my birthday, and this year, I decided to review my personal year and to think about my achievements and accomplishments in the past year. I found the process of reviewing the past year to be quite effective, as it reminds me of my goals and allows me to consider whether those goals are still applicable to my life today. After all, plenty can change over just a few short months, let alone a year.

Instead of reviewing the entire year after it had ended, we can also take some quiet time and review our progress at different points throughout the year in order to determine whether we are on track with our goals. It also allows us to think about how much we have changed since we first set those goals and whether the same goals are still applicable to our lives today. Eight months after the start of 2008, this may be a good time for such a review!

This week, if you wish, please join me in the following exercise:

Review – Mentally review the goals that you set in the first few days of January this year. Alternatively, if you have been keeping a journal for some time, you may copy these goals out of the journal. Please list the goals from January 2008 in your journal or on a sheet of paper.

Track – Ask yourself about how far you have come with each goal that you had set. Record this progress.

Analyze – Analyze each goal that you had set and take some time to think about and record the factors that had contributed to the success of your progress. Please also consider the factors that may have hindered some of your plans. What or who inspired you to continue working toward meeting your goals? In what ways were you inspired? Why do you believe certain goals were not met? Perhaps you may discover during this process that the reason you had abandoned some of the goals that you had set is because those goals no longer suit who you are as a person. It may also be the case that you are holding on to certain fears or are worried about the results of your wishes and dreams. This particular part of the exercise requires us to be honest with ourselves about these reasons. Please ask yourself to take an honest look at your goals and the progress you have made. However, I ask that you please take your time with this exercise and do not attempt to rush to find the answers to these questions. It's important to be gentle with ourselves while exercising honesty.

Plan – Toward what goals do you wish to continue to work? What goals no longer serve you? What goals do you believe you can accomplish within the next five months, before the end of the year? How do you intend to accomplish these goals? Again, this exercise requires us to be honest with ourselves about how much we can accomplish, realistically. However, this exercise also gives us a soft nudge to take our goals to the next level and to see whether we think we can accomplish more than we thought we could accomplish before. I like to think of this part of the exercise as a game, a friendly challenge to myself.

Keep this list and review it again when you are ready to review, track, and analyze your goals and plan and set new goals. You may wish to repeat this process in the first few days of 2009, or you may wish to do it sooner. What I enjoy about this exercise is its continuity. Think about how fascinating it would be to review a five-year-old list that continues and keeps growing and changing along with us! We can learn plenty about ourselves from such lists.

So, why wait for a birthday or the end of one year and the beginning of another? Now is a perfect time to review our progress and adjust our plan accordingly. When January 2009 rolls in, we may feel more in control of our goals and be ready to make a new list and revise the old list yet again, taking responsibility for our progress and remembering that we learn and grow along with our lists. Enjoy reviewing, tracking, analyzing, and planning!

Affirmation: I celebrate each day and remember that today's beginning is symbolic, as it represents my personal growth and new opportunities for further progress. I review, track, analyze, plan, and enjoy each moment!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Allowing Ourselves to Drift

Photograph: "Waiting for a Princess" by P. Grodecki

This past weekend, I was watching one of my favourite movies, Roman Holiday, when I was inspired to write this post. In the movie, Princess Ann (played by Audrey Hepburn), frustrated by her monotonous and strict royal lifestyle, escapes from her room, leaving behind her royal duties, and spends the day doing everything she has always wished to do, in Rome. On a whim, Princess Ann steps into a barber shop and, confidently, asks the hairdresser to chop off her long locks (this results in Audrey Hepburn’s famous short haircut, of course), and then proceeds to eat gelato on the Spanish Steps, drink champagne on the patio of a sidewalk cafĂ©, drive a Vespa around the city, which leads to her being picked up by the police, and experiences many other amusing and Romantic adventures on her day ‘off.’ Truly, throughout the movie, the transformation of Princess Ann, the sheltered girl, into a confident young woman is remarkable and the joy that comes over her face is contagious.

Perhaps I may have inspired you, with my description, to watch the movie. However, that was not my main intention. I found myself wondering about the last time I did something completely out of the ordinary for me, took a risk and made the most of my decision. When was the last time you did something that was considered out of character for you? Do you remember how that felt? Perhaps you may have been nervous but also excited about what was taking place? You may have regretted the decision. However, I am certain that your decision to pursue something that was out of character for you also shaped your personality as it is today and you were affected by the entire experience.

When we make a choice – and most often that choice is spontaneous – to pursue something unusual, we allow ourselves to step outside of our protective shell. We allow ourselves, then, to be immersed in an adventure. We loosen our reigns and drift along the stream, all the while enjoying the scenery and paying closer attention to all the details, as the experience is so new and so extraordinary for us. For some, this unusual experience could involve a major leap, but this does not have to be so. This experience could involve a haircut appointment during which we allow the hairdresser to do what he or she wishes with our hair, or a choice to pick a direction and follow the road, to see where it will lead, without a predetermined destination.

Sometimes, we are not the ones who make the decision to experience something different. In fact, even when we believe that we are well protected when we perform the same routine each day, surprises are inevitable and it is up to us whether we are willing to roll with the experiences or will try our best to hang on tight to what we know. Sometimes, it pays to let go of that which we know and, instead, to allow ourselves to drift with the flow. As a matter of fact, in Roman Holiday, Princess Ann herself admits that she only wished to escape from her room for a couple of hours, but because of a sedative that she was given, she falls asleep on the street, which leads to her adventure. Instead of crying for help and longing to return to the life she knows, she seizes the opportunity and enjoys every moment of it. This leads me to another question: Are you like Princess Ann, the adventurous explorer who enriches her life thanks to her extraordinary experiences?

I suppose for most of us, the answer to this question would depend on the particular experience and circumstances in which we would find ourselves. However, this week, I propose the following exercise. Do one thing new and adventurous. This does not have to be a highly unusual act. If you wish to play it safe, please do so! But simply try to do something in a different way. This may even be as simple as wearing an outfit the style of which does not suit your usual choice of clothing. What have you always wished to do but weren’t brave enough to try? Perhaps you have always wished to learn to bake an apple pie. What better time is there than now? Have you always wished to learn to swim? Well, summer is a beautiful time of the year for that activity. The ideas are limitless, but please do follow your intuition with what you truly wish to try, and please acknowledge the limits that you are willing to explore; step carefully outside of your comfort zone and take one step at a time. Enjoy every moment!

I would love to read your thoughts about what you have always wished to do but do not feel ready to try? If you will pursue this exercise, I would also enjoy reading about your experiences and what you gained. Please feel free to leave a comment under this post, or send an e-mail to