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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lifting the Veil to Experience the Magic

Photograph: 'Enchanting Neuschwanstein' by P. Grodecki

If we wish to see a different reality, we need only to close our eyes and then open them, without expectations, and allow the magic to set in. Ironically, this way of seeing the world could perhaps reveal to us the true reality, covered by a screen that shows us what we have become used to and what we refer to as the true nature of things. We wish to see clearly, without distortions, but for that, we need to allow ourselves to let go of preconceived notions of what is true, what is real. It is important to release all expectations of what we wish to see, and open our minds, instead, to new ideas, new images, new realities. The letting go of expectations is the part that many of us find most challenging or, perhaps, even frightening. However, if we allow ourselves to let go of these fears, we may break all boundaries and uncover the truth. I believe that this truth is what many would call magical, as it allows us to see, from a clear point of view, the truth behind the thoughts and actions that so many people in society refer to as ‘normal’ but which, in fact, may have veiled what is most naturally beautiful. I believe it’s time to explore this beauty, as it’s all around us, and it thrives in our souls as our souls thrive to reach closer and grasp this beauty, to feel its essence in the very core of our existence.

Over the past two and a half weeks, my husband and I travelled in Europe, taking the time to visit family, as well as explore new places that I have dreamed to visit. One such place is the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. I remember first seeing a photograph of this enchanting castle in a book, many years ago, and literally felt myself stop breathing for a few seconds while my eyes beheld the wonderful image that appeared imaginary, non-existent, and yet, the photograph proved its existence. Since then, I had longed to visit the castle and see it in front of me, to touch its walls. There was something that drew me to this place as if my magic.

In the last two days of our trip, my husband and I visited the castle twice, and in reality, it is more magnificent than I ever imagined it to be. The castle was commissioned by King Ludwig II, who wished to create a real-life fairy tale castle in the forested mountains, in order to live in that beautiful place a comfortable, solitary life, away from society. The energy all around the castle, in the forests that surround it and in the King’s rooms, is truly magical. Hiking through the forest on my way back down toward the town, I felt in the very least the traces of the inspiration, emanating from the Bavarian forests, that the Grimm brothers must have felt and which compelled them to write their fairy tales. Everything in those woods was buzzing with enchantment, as though one needs only to close one’s eyes and open them in order to allow the veil to lift and reveal what human eyes cannot see as long as we remain focused on what we feel we need to see.

I wondered whether this idea cannot be applied to our daily lives. If we look at the world around us as though upon opening our eyes for the first time, we may find that everything around us is infused with beauty and magic. It may sometimes seem challenging to maintain this perspective when others around us may not share this opinion. Perhaps, if we can find grace and beauty all around us, it will become natural to see and feel beauty without actively seeking it, as it naturally surrounds us. And maybe, just maybe, others around us may also be inspired to seek this beauty in the wish to lead a more magical, brilliant life.

Affirmation: My life is infused with magic and beauty. I need only to close my eyes and open them once again to remind myself of what is most important in the Universe.