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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Working with Others to Share Gifts of Inspiration

Photograph: 'Teammates in Harmony' by P. Grodecki

After a day that seemed rather ordinary, I exited the subway train and made my way toward the parking lot and my car. All around me, people were rushing to get home, many of them with tired expressions on their faces after another busy day at work. As I approached the spot at the subway station where a musician usually stands, I felt something different. My ears were filled with delightful music as I discovered that on that day, there were not one but two musicians whom I frequently see playing individually at different stations. This time, they had teamed up to play together. As the older man sat playing the accordion and the younger man stood beside him, playing the violin, the atmosphere around them felt alive and electric. The looks of joy on the faces of the musicians expressed a sense of liberation from ideals of competitiveness and necessary isolation.

In our busy world, it seems easy for us to buy into a culture of competitiveness, which in turn can create a sense of isolation in our lives. When we strive to do everything on our own, without anyone's help, we may do so either to prove to ourselves or someone else that 'we can do it' or to ensure that others do not interfere with our goals. However, such thoughts keep us away from the truth that we are all connected and that by working in unison with others, the beauty of our creations can be magnified tenfold, just as the music of the subway musicians sounded so much more lively when they played together, creating harmonious vibrations of happiness that resonated in all directions.

When we work together with likeminded people who share our passions, we allow ourselves to enjoy new experiences and remain open to new ideas and lessons. However, we are not the only ones who benefit. The people working in partnership with us also benefit from our presence. We inspire one another! I think many readers would agree with me when I say that inspiration is a wonderful gift that we receive from people who safely let their light shine brightly, confident in their own presence. The wonderful inspired subway musicians who shared their light with all who were lucky enough to hear their music and witness the joy of the moment, in turn inspired all the passersby who were open to receiving this inspiration. After a long day at work, inspiration is a truly invaluable gift.

This week, I invite you to share your light and inspiration with as many people as possible. It's a free gift that we can sprinkle on the world to help bring a smile into someone's day. And that someone may just go on to inspire others, reminding us, once again, of our infinite and beautiful connection.

Have an inspired and magical week!

Affirmation: "It is safe for me to allow my light to shine brightly. I work with wonderful, likeminded individuals who inspire me and whom I inspire."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Life as a Movie

Photograph: 'Reflections of Life' by P. Grodecki

If you're like me, you may frequently enjoy relaxing at home on the couch or in a movie theatre with a bowl of popcorn in your lap while watching a great movie. My favourite films – and books – are those with a great plotline in which I can get lost. I like to fall in love with the main character and enter his or her state of mind, feeling what the character is feeling, thinking what she is thinking. When the film is good, I am never a passive viewer. Although I watch many movies that are more than a bit fantastical, I can usually find something in those films that I can associate clearly with events that have occurred in my life, or I recognize the characters in the film as similar to people with whom I interact every day. I hope for a certain outcome to the film, without trying to guess the ending. I like to forget that the movie has already been filmed and that the ending is pre-determined; instead, I watch the story unfold before me and delight in every moment.

I sometimes like to play a game by pretending that my life and all that happens around me is a movie in which I am the narrator. In the role of a narrator, I sometimes feel safe and isolated from the actual plot because I feel I can simply step aside at any point and pretend that I am not involved in what happens around me. However, the role of the narrator is actually very important, as the narrator sets the mood of the story. And although the narrator isn't able to change the plotline of the movie, it is possible for me to change my tone of voice to be more or less dramatic, thus influencing the tone of the scene.

We are active participants and creators in the events of our lives. Although we may not always feel that we have complete control over our destiny or the actions of the people around us, we are always able to reign in the role of the narrator, thus changing the tone of the story as we see fit. Can you imagine a scary movie narrated in the kind voice of a fairytale princess? How about a romance drama narrated in a dry, monotone voice? Those films would be completely different thanks to the narrator's tone. Thus, too, we are able to influence the story that unfolds before us by actively working toward creating a different outcome to the scene that we are watching.

This week, I invite you to join me in the game of pretending that our lives are movies in which we are given the important role of the narrator. How can you, as the narrator, influence the story that unfolds before you? Remember that you are never passive and have an important role to play, every day, in everything you do.

Affirmation: I am a responsible and creative narrator in the story of my life.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Drifting Forward on Wings of Change

Photograph: 'Peaceful Change' by P. Grodecki

Change is all around us. Can you feel it?

Old ideals no longer work to serve us. In the recent years, we have seen truth rising up to the surface to reveal to us the ligaments that are barely holding together the old structures that are breaking apart, piece by piece. Stale rules are just that – stale. Instead, we seek something more from life than that with which, for many years, we had been taught to be contented. Instead of being just okay with living a life in which our voices are not heard and believing that our beliefs do not matter, we are now realizing that a simple action of a child or a sentence spoken by ‘the average’ person can have a tremendous impact on us, which is why it is so important for each of us to take full responsibility for our actions.

Tuesday’s U.S. election was inspiring to me and, I am certain, to many others all around the world. What I found especially fascinating is the sense of solidarity and hope that not only American citizens, but also Canadians shared as we awaited the results of the election. I feel that a powerful statement was made this week, reinforcing in us the belief that strong unity for one goal, the core of which is Love, can triumph over the old world order. Although U.S. citizens had the opportunity to make a difference by voting, people in other places were praying for positive change. The event was incredibly symbolic of the struggle of the old world order to remain in the foreground while the new world order, in a seemingly natural vibrant manner, rises gracefully in front of the old faded curtain.

And so, we continue to remain united for one goal of the new world order, for a world in which Love triumphs over old principles and beliefs. As we live with Grace, we can safely follow our paths and speak our truths, remembering that we are all One. We can take a moment, right now, to feel this connectedness to one another and to all beings in the Universe. With each new triumph, our hopes can be renewed and strengthened, allowing us to continue on our path with confidence.

One Love!

Affirmation: I live in a vibration of Love. I am connected to All There Is and to all beings in the Universe.